5 Reasons Direct Mail Delivers Results For Business

Do you think direct mail is old-fashioned? Think again. Savvy marketers are wise to the effectiveness of a direct mail out. Even in this digital age direct mail is still one of the most EFFECTIVE ways for a business to engage a potential customer. There are some amazing statistics to support this. Think about this: direct mail could be more effective than email for your business. A real asset to bolt on to your range of marketing tools? As your local Warwickshire printer we can design, proof and post your direct mail. Here are our thoughts on why we think you should consider using it.

“Stats from 2020 show consumers engaged with 96% of direct mail”  (JICMAIL)

There are many reasons why direct mail remains a very viable and successful marketing tool. With more of us working from home here are 5 reasons why mail outs could deliver for your business.

If rate of return is what you are seeking direct mail could be for you. The statistics speak for themselves.


1.  Direct mail is highly effective – studies show it brings results

Better response rates than email. Research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found average household response rate to direct mail is 9% compared to 1% for email. A significant difference. Plus, people are more likely to interact with direct mail coming into their home than they are to an email in their inbox. Stats from 2020 show consumers engaged with 96% of the direct mail they received. It was also found as a result of receiving direct mail 87% of consumers were influenced to make an online purchase.

We remember printed material. One of the most fascinating things about direct mail marketing is the impact it has on our brains. Neuroscience studies, involving MRI scanning of the brain, have shown we are more stimulated by physical printed material than by virtual information. The data shows printed materials make a bigger impression and stay in our memory longer. According to more DMA research,

89% of consumers remembered receiving a mail drop – more than any other similar marketing tool.

We get emotionally attached. The same study shows we develop a strong emotional attachment to printed materials. They get to parts of the brain that virtual just can’t reach. A useful tool then for increasing positive brand association.




Direct mail sticks around. Research shows almost a third of direct mail is still ‘live’ within the household after 28 days. Studies shows 45% of consumers keep leaflets in a drawer or on a noticeboard. Compare that with the fleeting nature of most digital marketing platforms.


2. Direct mail is easy to target

Digital marketing is a broad sweep. Direct mail can be segmented and personalised.

Speaks to the consumer. The more personal you get the better the response from consumers or so the studies show. With direct mail you can easily segment your database. You can then speak to each group of potential customers in a voice they understand. Something as simple as making the font bigger for an older demographic can build relations with consumers.

Get as creative as you like. There are many different forms of direct mail – flyers, postcards, brochures, booklets. What you send is only limited by your creativity. Advances in print technology means our designers can come up with a direct mail campaign that makes your business or service really stand out from the crowd. In a world with such digital congestion this is a great way to get noticed.




It is more trusted. When you address consumers personally you build trust. When you send them something tangible, like printed materials, it builds credibility. Your service or product seems more real. Plus, there is a growing climate of mistrust around some digital platforms and as a result a reluctance to interact or provide personal data.


3.  Direct mail complements digital

Direct mail can play an important role in a multi-media approach to marketing your business. Digital marketing is a crucial tool for a wider reach. Used in tandem with direct mail you can target niche demographics, push consumers towards your digital marketing and employ a really successful ‘joined-up’ approach to marketing.

One study found, as a  result of receiving direct mail 92% of consumers were driven to online or digital activity.



4.  It has grown in importance during the COVID pandemic.

The most obvious reason is many people are working from home and have more time to interact with a brochure or flyer sent to their door. Research shows interaction with direct mail has increased over the COVID period with many people spending longer with the mail they receive. Browsing printed materials probably provides a welcome change from long hours on video calls.


5.  Direct mail is increasingly sustainable

A sustainability success story. Paper is one of the most responsibly managed and recycled products in the world. Europe’s forests, which provide our paper and pulp, are growing at a rate of 1,500 football pitches a day. Prontaprint centres Warwickshire take this a step further by using vegetable bases inks. Also all our toner cartridges and bottles are recycled. Plus, we offset the carbon produced in our processes by planting new trees. Doing our bit for the fight against climate change.

“it’s really good value”

There is a huge amount of competition in the digital world. Finding ways to stand out is increasingly challenging. With a brochure, flyer or postcard you can use your creativity, giving you increased opportunity to showcase your brand. As the stats show, hard copy messaging really does get through.

Rather than displacing your digital efforts, direct mail can work alongside them. Another important string to your marketing bow, it is an excellent complement to digital marketing for a fully rounded marketing strategy.

The other great thing – it’s really good value. Advances in print technology and processes means direct mail is more cost effective than ever. And get this – our sort, pack and post service means we deliver your mail CHEAPER than if you posted it through the Royal Mail.


If you want to stay ahead of the game and are interested in an excellent rate of return on your marketing investment then get in touch with us today.

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