An exhibition stand: your smartest marketing investment?

Showcasing your product or service at an event, in Warwickshire or around the country, is undoubtedly a great way to muster up new business. If potential clients are seeing you for the first time you want to put your best face forward. A purpose-built, branded exhibition stand will do just that. It shouts about your business AND offers invaluable logistical support when you are out and about.

Should I invest in an exhibition stand?

Professional and practical, an exhibition stand is an excellent investment. A well-designed exhibition stand is super hard-working. Created in your business colours, with your key messaging, it’s advertising your business before you even speak to your customer.

Top 3 reasons to use an exhibition stand

  1. Portable and lightweight. Stands look impressive but fold down to a really compact size. A cinch to assemble.
  2. Eye catching. Branded in your colours, images and key messaging your business will really stand out.
  3. Practical. An effective sales counter. No more fumbling about, you are free to get on with your sales pitch.

Is it expensive?

An exhibition stand offers a great return on your investment. It can be used time and time again. Advances in print technology mean you will be pleasantly surprised by how far your budget will stretch. Get in touch to see just how much it would cost.

Customise your exhibition stand.

Make it REALLY work for you by adding lighting or built-in storage. Prontaprint teams in Warwickshire can even provide extra tables and branded tablecloths for extra workspace and to expand your presence at any event.

Is your exhibition stand looking a bit dated?

Our team at Prontaprint can give it a refresh. Breathe new life into your investment by updating your graphics. It will look like new. We can advise on the latest trends for the most up-to-date look.

Prontaprint in Coventry, Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon can design and supply the best exhibition stand for your business. Our team can also refresh your existing stand. Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to talk through your ideas.

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