Direct mail: 3 statistics you need to know


If you have not seen the statistics surrounding direct mail you might be in for a pleasant surprise.  Not only is direct mail marketing proving to be an effective way of reaching out to potential customers, figures from recent studies also show it is knocking it out of the park when compared to online marketing.

1. Effective engagement: Customers engage with 96% of direct mail

 Think about how many emails you delete daily without even opening them.  They might have useful information or offers but with so many pinging into your inbox it can all feel a little overwhelming.

Not only do people engage better with direct mail but a report by JICMAIL indicates effectiveness of direct mail is on the increase.  Figures from Q2 2019 showed 91% of all consumers engaged with direct mail they received.  A year later, Q2 2020, this figure had soared to 96%.

Just to repeat, that is 96% of the people you deliver a direct mail to will look at it.  We’d call that effective.

2. 9% response rate from direct mail

This is the percentage of people who will react to the information you give them.  That could be getting in touch, taking advantage of a special offer or promotion or simply going ahead and using your service or buying your product.

The response rate for email? Well, that is just 1%.

3. 87% influenced to make an online purchase.

Direct mail is a highly effective bolt on to your digital marketing.  A Direct Mail Association study found 87% of consumers have been influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving direct mail.


The other good news is advances in print technology mean direct mail is more cost effective and sustainable than ever.  Find out how direct mail can complement your digital strategy.  If you want to stay ahead of the game and are interested in an excellent rate of return on your marketing investment then get in touch with us  today.



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