Get Creative with Business Cards

With all the digital technology available at our fingertips, there’s one piece of print that all businesses still need in their arsenal. When it comes to networking, there’s nothing that makes an impression like a memorable business card.

It’s not just about passing on your key contact details to customers, clients and peers. It’s your first point of contact and an opportunity to make a statement about who you are and what you represent.

So, how do you make sure your business cards put across the right message and stands out when potential leads dig them out of their pocket? We’ll tell you how!



Question of quality

First off, you might be a busy bee, but don’t make the mistake of creating busy business cards. There’s nothing worse than information overload and cluttered designs.

Of course, you want to showcase your services, but do-so in a clear and effective manner and keep it simple. Your business card should include key details informing the customer ways of learning more, such as through a website, LinkedIn profile or even a YouTube channel. It’s also important to ensure that your business card feels nice when you hand it over, so quality paper is a must.

The choice of paper or card will also help to ensure the longevity of your business card. If you opt for a paper of lower quality, there is a chance that your card will not stand the test of time.

After all, business cards will spend a fair amount of time in pockets and be subject to a lot of handling, and the last thing you want is your card ‘falling apart’ on the customer before they’ve had the chance to find out who you are and what you do.


Unique solution

While some may think a business card is a relatively simple piece of work to produce, there is a lot more to it than simply printing some information onto a card.

With years of experience in print and design, this is where we can provide support with our expansive business card production service. For those companies that are seeking to get more creative with the business cards and offer something unique to the customer, we’ll help you do just that.



In addition, as is the case with all our print services, we offer further support with the artwork


natural-kraft-card-business-cardThe next step

For those looking for more from their business cards, we now offer another new service of Triple Layer cards, where customers can add another level of luxury to their cards.  We can also add foil finish to cards to enhance a logo and make it stand out or Spot UV which is another eye catching option we can offer which can highlight certain elements of your cards for that wow effect! 

After all, given how important first impressions are, you don’t want to limit them when promoting your business.

Discover our Creative Business Cards today!

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