How Print Turned Green



The green revolution has happened in the print industry and at Prontaprint Warwickshire we are proud to say we are very much part of it. The environment is as important to us as it is to you. You might be surprised at how sustainable we are.

For example, did you know the pulp and paper industry, that supplies our business, responded so well to concerns over deforestation that it is now a world leader in sustainability? Plus, we have made huge advances in green technology and responsible sourcing in our own print centres.

5 planet-friendly sustainable facts you should know about printing 


 1. Prontaprint Warwickshire practices carbon capture

For every print run we calculate our carbon emissions – the amount of climate changing gas released in the process.  We then offset those emissions by planting trees in collaboration with the Woodland Trust.

Did you know young trees absorb the most carbon?


 2. We select our paper carefully

We only source paper from carefully managed sources and which carry globally recognized accreditation, like the FSC Logo. This means the paper comes from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and FUTURE generations.


3. The paper industry is a recycling expert

Two-thirds of paper is recycled making it one of the most recycled resources in the world. How good is that?


4. Forests are growing at a rapid rate.

Forests are an amazing renewable resource, which is why the paper industry is not just looking after them but growing them. European forests, which supply our paper, are being replanted at a rate equivalent to 1500 football pitches a day.



5. Prontaprint Warwickshire is sustainable every day

We work towards being planet-friendly and sustainable in everything we do. Take our inks for example; we use soy and vegetable-based inks whenever we can. We are always striving to cut down on waste and find ways to reduce packaging.

Customers using our print centres across Warwickshire can be confident when we work with them we are passing on our care for the environment.


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