Print or digital: which are people most likely to remember?


Digital platforms are noisy places.  If you are marketing your produce or service online, it has to be exceptionally clever and engaging to stand out and be remembered.  So great is the amount of information in the digital world that our eyes and brains have become accustomed to quickly scanning online platforms. 

Haptic memory and print 

The way we take in printed material is different.  We tend to linger.  In fact, science describes the way the brain recalls printed material as haptic memory. Also known as touch memory, it is how a consumer reacts and remembers when they pick up printed material.  The haptic memory is believed to be one of the most lasting forms of emotional connection. When someone views or picks up printed material science shows us they develop a stronger attachment to the content. So while digital marketing fights to grab attention printed material naturally has a more lasting impact on us.  Digital marketers must keep their message short and sweet while those using print have an opportunity to expand on the messages they want to deliver to the customers.


Serious stats

Market research further backs up the staying power of printed materials. A Study from 2020 shows consumers engaged with 96% of the printed direct mail they received.  It was also found as a result of receiving direct mail 87% of consumers were influenced to make an online purchase.  Perhaps because they had more information and took longer to consider the proposition. 


Hitting the spot

Customers are more likely to remember your business if it is relevant to them.  While digital marketing offers the potential of a big sweep, print can be more useful for specific demographics.  Leaflets or flyers allow a more targeted approach.  If, for example, you want to reach people in a certain locale or those you know have certain travel or work habits a printed direct mail approach would be extremely effective.  


A joint approach

In an era dominated by digital technology, print still offers unique marketing options for your business.  Both print and digital have their unique strengths.  By using them in tandem you will get the very best results for your business. 

 And finally …

To read more about print and digital marketing have a read of our market report, ‘Why Print?’ where we advocate combining print and digital marketing as the best approach.

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