local-warwickshire-printer-Anniversary logo: Happy Birthday Prontaprint. Big Brand – 50 years; Local reputation - 20 years

Prontaprint 2021: providing Warwickshire with local print, design and branding

More than a local printer: Prontaprint in Warwickshire now provides print services that couldn’t have been dreamt of in 1971.

The Prontaprint brand has a big birthday this year – it turns 50.  We really are one of the UK’s longest lasting and most iconic brands when it comes to printing. But that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the 70s. On the contrary your local Prontaprint in Warwickshire is more up-to-date than ever. We have evolved and developed to offer print services none of us could have dreamt up five decades ago.

local-warwickshire-printer-Anniversary logo: Happy Birthday Prontaprint. Big Brand – 50 years; Local reputation - 20 years

1971-2021 – a local Warwickshire printer and now so much more 

Don’t get us wrong, printing is still at the heart of what we do but these days it’s certainly not the only thing we do. We can now take control of your entire project from design to marketing and copywriting. Keeping it local with one team in charge of your whole project – it just makes more sense. Managing things have become so much easier for our customers.  We have skilled staff in specialisms that probably didn’t exist 50 years ago. With us, your project stays in one place and is managed by a close-knit, Warwickshire team, who really get to know your needs.

Not just print: 5 services Prontaprint Warwickshire can provide

1. Local print and design in one place

Gone are the days when you needed to run your project to the designer then to the printer. Prontaprint has a talented in-house local design team, with over 15 years’ experience. They can get to grips with designing any print job. Doesn’t that sound simple? What’s even better is because our print and design teams work closely together they can make sure everything works perfectly – no sending it back to the designer here.

local-warwickshire-printer-branded packaging

Packaging is a great example of this. With a greater pressure to deliver products businesses have been smartly opting for branded packaging. Now, putting a design on a box and making it work isn’t always the most straightforward of things. But our print experts work closely with the design team. They use their experience to figure out the best ways to print on your chosen packaging.  Zero going back and forwards between printer and designer these days.

Every £100 spent on design can increase your turnover by £225

Not all the design work we do is quite so complicated. We can easily design your business card, design and set your newsletter or brochure so it looks spot on or create you something huge and impactful like a poster or a banner. Let’s face it, if you are going big you really want to make sure you get it right.

Did you know –  every £100 spent on design increases turnover by £225? That’s according to research carried out by The Design Council. The study followed 63 business portfolios over a decade and concluded those with great design outperformed the FTSE 100 Index by 200%. All in all, design is not a bad investment and good design can build your brand. A nice link to our next point.

2. Creating a logo and branding

Let’s start with colour. Deciding on a colour to represent your business can be a headache for our clients. Will it say the right thing? Will it look good on everything and how will it look scaled-up? Plus, you really need to create a whole palette of colours if everything is going to work properly.

As printers, we know a fair few things about colour and so do our design team. Not only will we work with you to decide on colour we can design you a logo that speaks about your product or service without having to use words.

local-warwickshire-printer-Prontaprint: 5 things you probably didn’t know we did.

Having a visual brand has become increasingly important in recent years. Just think about the masses of information our brain has to sift through on social media alone. We are becoming expert at picking up on visual stimulus. More than that, research suggests that our brain responds to an image much more quickly than it can to text. In fact, it responds to images faster than we originally thought – the brain takes 13 milliseconds to process an image

Visuals may have the power to stop people in their tracks in a way that words can’t. Which is certainly something to think about. A consistent visual brand gives customers confidence and can lead to increased brand loyalty. We can ensure your brand is consistent across all your printed materials so you are easily recognizable in an increasingly busy world.

3. We provide marketing support and write your press releases

If you need some help promoting your business we can help with marketing support. We are a local Warwickshire business so we understand the area you work in.  We have skilled marketing staff covering our Coventry, Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon offices, who can give you marketing advice or craft you a professional press release.

You probably already know we can print your flyers and brochures but did you know we can also POST your direct mail marketing? In fact, by letting us take care of the sorting and posting you will pay less than you would with Royal Mail.

local-warwickshire-printer-Direct Mail through door: designing direct mail

Despite the domination of social media platforms direct mail is still an effective marketing tool. It targets specific groups more effectively than social media marketing. If you are not sure what to say on your flyers or in your brochures, then we can help you with the copywriting. Or, maybe you just need an extra pair of eyes to proof and edit your copy.

4. We support new local business

Starting your own business is challenging and rewarding and sometimes a little confusing. To help get your ideas off the ground we can provide all the business essentials; we can produce logo designs and branding solutions and our Business Stationery Packs pull together the key elements you need for your new business including letterheads, compliment slips and business cards.  We have been helping new enterprise for decades. Our bespoke tailored packages allow each customer to benefit from our advice, experience and local knowledge.

5. 24/7 printer – at the touch of a button


At Prontaprint Warwickshire we have invested in new technology to put our customers in control. No more being left short because you accidently missed your print run. With our state of the art Gateway portal customers can manage their print needs at any time of the day (or night) with the push of a button.

Do you need to be more organised about your print needs?  The clever Gateway system stores all your requirements, preferences and designs and manages your stock, making ordering re-prints a doddle, wherever you are. Of course, the team at our local offices are always on hand if you need a more personal service. You can get in touch with them at our offices in Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon and at our new office in Coventry.

Our clients play their part in the fight against climate change with carbon capture

A local printer with sustainability at heart

Did you know for every one of our print jobs our clients are now helping fight climate change? That’s because Prontaprint is proud to have signed up to the Carbon Capture Programme with the Woodland Trust.

Here’s how it works:  When customers place a print order the amount of Co2 generated in the production, printing and delivery of the paper is calculated. Then, with the help of the Woodland Trust, we plant the right number of young trees in native woodland to re-capture that carbon. The cost of buying and planting the saplings is covered entirely by Prontaprint. There is no cost to our customers. When you work with Prontaprint in Warwickshire and across the West Midlands you are working towards sustainability.

local-warwickshire-printer-Carbon Capture sustainable printing

Our local Prontaprint offices only source paper from well-managed, accredited and sustainable sources where its production does not impact on the surrounding biodiversity. Whenever possible we use paper products with high recycled content. Prontaprint customers can be reassured we select our paper suppliers very carefully.

Local support with a range of Covid-19 products

During the Covid-19 crisis we adapted to help our customers and the local community by supplying support products. Our experience and our technology allowed us to produce products to protect customers and keep businesses operating under these unprecedented circumstances. Everything from protective screening to social distancing signage. We created a new arm of our operation we call Buy Online . We’ve expanded this service and now the public can buy a range of products on our new site too.

That local, personal touch – the only thing not to change

The team is celebrating another anniversary this year – it is 20 years since Director Alex Graham established the Prontaprint branch in Stratford-upon-Avon. Since then he has added offices in Leamington Spa and Coventry.  Although supported by the UK’s largest print network these offices are rooted in the local community.

“The UK’s largest print network with a local attitude”

Customer service has always been at the heart of everything Alex and his team do. With Tadhgh (Tig) Martin on board as Director customers can be assured of consistent service from a close-knit team.

We will continue to work on a personal level with every project. To deliver the best results for customers in Warwickshire and across the West Midlands. Whatever the future holds one thing will remain constant, your local Prontaprint team will be there ready to provide the support and service you need.

local-warwickshire-printer-Branded print materials, design and print, local printer Warwickshire

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