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Why sustainable print is a game changer

We work each day with one of nature’s most precious resources – trees. Forests are a wonderful thing, they provide us with all sorts of services and products. Most people now have some grasp of how crucial trees are in our fight against climate change; despite the science being more than a bit tricky.

But there are so many other ways trees help preserve the life we know. Some you may not be aware of: they filter our water systems, they keep our soil healthy, they create micro-climates which make existence a lot more pleasant for infinite species. Basically, they are doing our planetary housekeeping.

But using paper hurts the planet, right?

Trees provide us with paper and pulp without which Prontaprint could not run a business or supply the materials other local businesses need to run successfully. We can never be grateful enough to trees which is why we do all we can to preserve and regenerate this generous gift from nature.

Cherish that invite

Everyone loves the excitement of getting an invite in the post or even receiving the latest brochure or catalogue from your favourite store. A printed invite or brochure offers sensory appeal that words on a screen just can’t compete with. The advances Prontaprint has made in print sustainability means the joy that you feel at getting that printed item does NOT need to be at the expense of the environment. The paper and print industry had to change and we have, quite dramatically. Not just making our business more sustainable but contributing to the regeneration of forests.

Do you want to know how we are doing this?

Regenerating Forests
Did you know that the paper and print sector are already one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gases.

“Woodlands are the second largest sink of Co2 after the oceans” .

Prontaprint has teamed up with The Woodland Trust to be part of their Carbon Capture Programme and help combat climate change. What this means is we are committed to calculating the carbon emission from each and every one of our orders. We then plant young trees as the most effective way of recapturing that carbon. In the last 6 months, Prontaprint has created a wonderful 110m2 of new native woodland in the UK which is a remarkable 39 trees! And we have removed 4,500kg of Co2.

Another happy outcome of this is while combating climate change we are also preserving and renewing forests, an important part of our environmental heritage. Our customers, should display the Woodland Trust’s carbon capture logo with pride, by choosing us as a sustainable supplier they too are a crucial part of this process.

Using recycled

We explore every option for using recycled paper to avoid cutting forests. Two thirds of paper is now recycled making it one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Responsible sourcing

We keep a firm hold of our supply chain. We only purchase paper products from pre-selected suppliers who uphold the very highest standards. We source paper from accredited sources like FSC and PEFC. These industry bodies guarantee supplies are from well-managed forests and meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present AND future generations.

“Meeting the needs of present and future generations”

Staying green day to day

It’s not just about the grand gestures, it’s about having green sustainability rooted in your day to day running. So we use soy and vegetable-based inks as much as possible. We recycle and use responsible disposal methods and are eliminating wasteful production practices. Plus, we are working towards more sustainable transport, like electric vehicles.

If you would like to know more, have any questions or would like to find out how your print purchase with us can make a difference to the environment then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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