Thinking big: advantages of large format printing

Bigger is certainly better when it comes to attracting customers or standing out from your competitors. Luckily advances in large format printing mean producing beautiful visuals or detailed plans or designs on any scale are now quick and affordable.  You can produce them locally too –  right here, with your local Warwickshire printer.

Increasingly used by businesses for advertising and marketing materials these amazing super-sized printers can produce eye-catching designs too big for standard printers. They are capable of producing huge banners for use both inside and outdoors. They give you the flexibility to create an imposing fixed marketing feature or something portable you can package up and use again and again.

Advances in specialist printing equipment means so much more is now possible. Designs that would have previously been too expensive or impossible to produce on a standard printer are now a reality. The speed and ease of large format printing technology has made large-scale design cost effective for everyone.

Not just that, advanced print technology means details are picked up whatever the size of the document or graphic. Large format printers are extremely accurate, so they can reproduce plans and blueprints with amazing clarity. A handy asset for building or architectural projects where large detailed plans are vital.

The inkjet process used by large format printers can fire colour onto a huge variety of materials with pinpoint precision. Giving customers the freedom to be extremely creative and original without losing clarity. The type of accuracy large format printing promises produces print with vibrant colour and superb image reproduction.

Popular uses for large format printing

Banners and displays

Developments in large format printing means you can up-size your marketing materials and get really creative. Tear-proof banners can be produced in any size. They come with handy eyelets so you can easily display them where they will be most effective.



Roller-banners are an important part of any portable marketing tool. Large enough to make a statement – they can be up to 2.2 metres wide – and light enough to take anywhere.



You can also get really creative with soft signage. Flags are great for attracting attention and directing customers both indoors and outdoors. They can be over 5 metres tall and printed on both sides for full effect.



Equally large format printers can help create versatile rigid displays. Strong enough to self-stand but also light enough to be easily folded away. The only limit is your imagination – but we can help with that!



Architectural plans and blueprints

Building projects can rely on hundreds of drawings and plans.  Without them architects would be unable to convey their designs to the builders and bring them to life exactly the way they intended. These plans are usually large and complex. Large format printing can reproduce scale drawings, CAD drawings, blueprints and any type of technical drawing associated with architectural projects, in absolute detail.

Prints can be in simple black or white or can demonstrate the look of the project by using vibrant and accurate colour. Many architects will also use large format printing of CAD drawings to help clients understand their creative ideas and to show exactly how the finished product will look.




Window and wall graphics

Effective way to create an eye-catching frontage. Large format printing can help a business make the most out of internal spaces too. Transforming any wall with branding or messaging.




5 advantages of large format printing

1. Cost effective

Huge advances have been made in large format printers. These have redefined how large format printing can be used, and the scale at which it can operate. The use of large format printed graphics has increased significantly. The advances in large format printing technology have made it easier to use and brought down costs. Today it is a very cost-effective way to produce a whole range of large scale graphics.

2. Quick turnaround

Again, largely because of advances made in technology these incredible super-sized printers work extremely efficiently. Creating designs on scale as quickly and easily as a standard sized printer.

3. Wide Range of materials

Here’s where customers can really let their creativity loose. Large format printers have the capability to print on a whole range of different materials.  They can use rolled material or rigid materials. Price depends on the materials you use, but you don’t have to use the most expensive to get a great result.

  • Paper is one of the cheaper materials and can keep costs right down. It is ideal for plans and blueprints and indoor graphics. We can offer in different finishes like PhotoSatin, PhotoMatt and plotting paper.


  • Vinyl and PVC Vinyl is an extremely versatile and popular material to print on. It’s easy to see why. It is extremely flexible and easy to cut and shape. A great material for really creative printing. It is also durable and long lasting – so perfect for outdoor banners or signage as well as indoor. The capability to use UV curable inks means large outdoor printed products like banners are weather resistant and long-lasting.  Making for really durable graphics that can withstand, sun and rain.


Vinyl can be used for wall, window or floor graphics and can also be self-adhesive for truly easy application.

Specialist vinyls have properties that make them outstanding in certain uses. For example, we use SoFlat, a type of PVC which lies really flat and gets great results when used in indoor roller banners. Its grey backing prevents light bleeding through and the common problem of a pole shadow.

  • Board, metal or hard plastics. Rigid material can be fed into specialised large format printers. This offers an excellent solution to creating vibrant, branded exhibition displays. We use the well known brands such as Foamex, Correx and Dibond.


Also, we have found CrystalFlex, a durable semi-rigid material, makes fabulous stand-alone banners. Really handy for pop up or counter displays and has the added advantage that it can be easily taken down and rolled up.

4. Print images of any size

Large format printers usually have a standard width but can handle print projects of just about any length. For example, something like a 5-metre banner would be easily achieved. Our machines can handle almost any size, so if you have big ambitions when it comes to the size of your display or poster, just get in touch.

5. Detail and colour vibrancy

The ink injectors on a large format printer are incredibly precise. Each injector head is smaller than the diameter of a single hair. So, clarity and colour vibrancy are excellent. Plus, this type of printer can pick up the smallest detail, for example, pencil marks. Making it the perfect tool for replicating important designs or architectural drawings.


With large format printing you are only restricted by your imagination. Get in touch in touch to talk though what our specialised printing machines could do for you. Or if you are a building company or architect how we can supply you regularly with all the plans and specifications you need for a successful and efficient project.

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